First confined dive skills

A WADI professional member will make a detailed explanation to confirm the information with you and introduce you to the nature of the place and the best way to organize it with you and your colleagues.

Equipment Assembling:

The preparation of the equipment appears simple, but its mastery requires a degree of accuracy to be able to use it correctly and thus dive safely, and you will acquire this skill during the course by repeatedly disassembling and assembling it many times, and you as a diver must know that the method of assembling equipment is a way to judge the quality The diver's degree of professionalism, and the arrangement, organization and cleaning of equipment is a good sign of the diver's awareness and experience.

General steps for back mount system:

  1. Tighten the cylinder belt installed in the buoyancy compensator well, and make sure that it is in the correct place.
  2. Install diving regulator on the cylinder valve.
  3. Make sure the second stage of the regulator and alternate air source is on the right side, and the low-pressure hose with the gauge hose on the left shoulder strap of the buoyancy compensator.
  4. Connect the low-pressure hose to the buoyancy compensator “the power inflator's air inlet”. Three fingers hold the hose and by the forefinger and thumb pull the metal ring to the bottom, and the action of the hand holding the hose is combined with the pressure of the hose in the place designated by the buoyancy compensator inflator. "Note that two hands are working against each other pressing on countered sides".
  5. After making sure that the air pressure gauge is at zero, move the cylinder valve back slowly to allow the pressure to build up slowly within the regulator parts before the valve is fully opened. Do not look at the gauge during this process.
  6. Reading the air pressure gauge, then breathing from the first stage, noting the counter needle, as it must be stable. If it moves while breathing, make sure the air cylinder valve is open and safe. Change the cylinder. If the movement continues, the counter may be damaged.
  7. Inflate the buoyancy compensator fully Make sure it catches all the air, check the operation of the degassing valves.
  8. Ensure Fast release of the weight system.

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