Care for the equipment

Now that you have purchased equipment, you will find that most divers mark their equipment to distinguish it from companion equipment that may be exactly the same, some may write letters or signs and graphics in preferred size and color that make it easier to identify your equipment, WADI recommends using a method and materials that are environmentally friendly.

A qualified diver always takes care of his equipment, starting with arranging it for travel, whether in a box or suitcase, during its installation to prepare for diving, during the dive itself and after diving, the following shows the general points of care for the equipment:

  1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Good arrangement during equipment transportation.
  3. Safe mode during and after equipment installation.
  4. Check it always before diving.
  5. Avoid the sun.
  6. Good control during diving, where the equipment must be loaded rather than reeling on the sand or coral reefs, which leads to damage to the environment and equipment damage.
  7. Good washing with fresh water.
  8. Regular maintenance.
  9. Follow proper storage methods.
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