WADI Open Water Diver Course introduction

Course introduction

Divers, at every level, always remember their first experience diving with scuba equipment, especially the first breaths underwater. They remember, with a mixture of wonder and amazement, that unique experience. Diving can take you to a new healthier lifestyle; a lifestyle full of fun sports and wonderful events, excitement and relaxation, whatever your choice.

Scuba diving is a highly suitable activity for nature lovers, as the marine environment is rich with the magic of life. The wonderful beauty of nature, including coral reefs, marine creatures and inspiring natural formations are unsurpassed in any other environment.

By WADI training in skills, using equipment and planning, you can enjoy these magical experiences and adventures as there are new places to explore, and new adventures to take, in different parts of the seas, oceans and lakes around the world.

The WADI Open Water Diver course will be your safest gateway to the exciting world of diving. It contains exciting challenges that most trainees do not find difficult to learn and master during the training process. The important stages of which are as follows:

  1. Reach your goal and achieve safety for yourself and the nature around you.
  2. Scuba diving, and some of its adventures, like other sports, may contain some potential risks, which you can through training:
    1. Avoid
    2. Reduce
    3. Deal with

What is WADI Scuba Diver certificate? What is a WADI Open Water Diver certificate?

They are international accreditation certificates for the beginner level of scuba diving. They qualify you to dive and apply your expertise within the limits of your accredited training. After you have obtained “WADI Scuba Diver” certification, you have passed a part of the “WADI Open Water Diver” course (this part is knowledge development from the first section to the third section, as well as “Confined Water Dives” up to the third dive and the first and second open water dives) You will be able to dive under the supervision of a dive instructor or divemaster within the limits to which you have trained, As well as obtaining the service of renting or filling air cylinders and renting equipment.

By successfully passing the “WADI Open Water Diver” course, you can dive without the presence of a professional supervisor, but always accompanied by a diving buddy who has a certified qualification as well. You can also obtain recreational diving services by participating in various activities, renting equipment and filling air cylinders. You can continue your education to get further qualified as an Adventure Diver.

WADI Open Water Diver Course components:

The course is divided into three main parts, starting from knowledge development, confined water diving and open water diving.

  1. Knowledge development - divided into five parts, in which you will learn terminology and information which will help you to understand diving and enjoy practical exercises, reviewing information, answering knowledge review questions, at the end of each lesson, and exams that will help you assess and confirm your level of learning.
  2. The five confined water dives in which you will practice the skills you need to dive safely in a pool or a water environment that provides swimming pool like conditions, under the direct supervision of your instructor.
  3. The four open water dives will be completed in diving locations suitable for beginners. They will be chosen by your instructor to confirm what you learned in the previous two parts.

Course pre-requisites:

Diving requires some physical effort, but this does not mean to become a diver you must be at the level of an athlete’s fitness. You must have good basic health - therefore you will be required to fill out a medical statement questionnaire form before joining the course.

In the event that you answered yes to any of the points, the doctor must authorize you to dive by signing the questionnaire.

Being able to stay afloat for 10 minutes and swim 200 meters without aids or 300 meters with a mask, snorkel and fins. A WADI instructor will make sure this is accomplished before beginning the open water dives.

Also, the minimum age requirement is 10 years of age unless local laws require a higher minimum age. These requirements must be met for diving after obtaining the Junior Open Water Diver certification

Junior Open Water Diver from 10-14 years:

  • The maximum depth is 12 meters.
  • 10-11 years Diving under the supervision of a parent/legal guardian or a licensed professional  diver.
  • From 12-14 years under the supervision of an adult licensed diver.

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