Open Water Diver Course

Open Water Diver Course

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  1. Divers, at every level, always remember their first experience diving with scuba equipment, especially the first breaths underwater. They remember, with a mixture of wonder and amazement, that unique experience. Diving can take you to a new healthier lifestyle; a lifestyle full of fun sports and wonderful events, excitement and relaxation, whatever your choice. Scuba diving is a highly suitable activity for nature lovers, as the marine environment is rich with the magic of life. The wonderful beauty of nature, including coral reefs, marine creatures and inspiring natural formations are unsurpassed in any other environment. By WADI training in skills, using equipment and planning, you can enjoy these magical experiences and adventures as there are new places to explore, and new adventures to take, in different parts of the seas, oceans and lakes around the world.
  2. Chapter 1

    Let's dive into an underwater world for a safe experience with WADI instructor. Initially this will be in a confined water environment allowing us to explore the differences that it makes when we are surrounded by water and how it affects us as divers.
    1. Diving Equipment introduction

      1. Diving equipment parts:

  3. Chapter 3

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  4. Chapter 4

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  5. Chapter 5

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